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Digital Accessibility Consulting

Your trusted adviser and reliable source for accessibility solutions.

Accessibility in our DNA
Team of people who have experienced the impact of accessibility with 65% of the team being people with disabilities.

Passion To Excel
Recognized global leaders in providing end-to-end accessibility services with expertise in Section 508, WCAG 2.0 and ADA compliance.

Belief in Innovation
Accessibility lab that has the latest assistive technology and wide variety of devices across various operating systems.

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.

Tim Berners-Lee

Accessibility Testing

Comprehensive solution that evaluates your accessibility needs and ensures your websites and mobile applications are Section 508, WCAG 2.0 and ADA compliant.

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Accessible Documents

Cost effective and reliable Accessible PDF, EPUB3 and Image Description service to make documents accessible to people with print impairment.

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Accessibility Consulting

Team of accessibility experts with diverse project experience that help you integrate accessibility right from the start and align them to your organizational needs.

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One Stop Solution for all your Accessibility Needs

Accessibility Testing

The task at hand to implement accessibility is quite daunting for companies, since they need to look at how to implement accessibility in their legacy system, new technologies in development as well as third party solutions that are often used. Our Accessibility Testing services not only ensure that your products are usable by people with disabilities but we also assist you in aligning the accessibility services to your organizational needs and strategy.

Accessible Documents

Accessible Conversion

Organizations share documents and books with customers and stakeholders whether they be brochures, user manuals, corporate documents like annual reports. E-text is a place to start to make your documents readable. PDF is one of the most widely used formats for digitizing print material. Also,there has been an increasing demand and readership of eBooks and making the content available in the most interactive form to the readers. Ensure that information is provided to the widest range of users including people with print disabilities with our E-text services, Accessible PDF, Image Description and EPUB3 solutions.

Accessible PDF

With expertise in WCAG 2.0, PDF Techniques and PDF U/A standard, our team not only test your PDF documents with the PDF Accessibility Checker in Adobe Professional but also ensure that a manual quality check is thoroughly implemented on the tags and the content.

We go beyond automated check:

  • Determine & ensure correct reading order

  • Provide image description to images, graphics, charts & pictures

  • Ensure forms, tables & links are fully accessible

  • Ensure appropriate colour contrast & font size

Accessible Epub3

EPUB3 pertains to the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) standards and it incorporates made accessible to ALL including people with print disability. BarrierBreak can convert books into ebooks adhering to the EPUB3 format in the most cost effective and customized manner.

Globally recognized EPUB 3 accessibility service:

  • Ensure logical reading order

  • Provide accurate alternate description for images

  • Expertise in writing MathML expressions

  • Accessibility review to ensure quality

Image Description

Image Descriptions are an integral part of content accessibility. It ensures equal access to people who are low vision or blind the same information from an accessibility perspective. At BarrierBreak, our image description services includes writing accurate image descriptions for images and also testing it with people with disabilities.

Inclusive solution to make images accessible:

  • Team of content writers who specialize in writing alt texts

  • Quality check by a team that includes people with disabilities

  • Create image descriptions for all types of content including STEM and Music


Assistive Technology Products

At BarrierBreak, we help people identify the technology based on their needs. Get access to a range of assistive technology aids & devices that can assist a person with low vision or a person who is blind, person with mobility or learning impairment to lead a life of equal participation and independent living.



We are constantly working towards creating an inclusive society, a society where equal opportunity is provided, ease of access to employment, education, social life, and encouraging independent living for all. Through various initiatives we assist you in your effort towards making an inclusive society.

Newz Hook

India’s only media site focusing on disability, inclusion and accessibility that is fully accessible.

Techshare India

Conference & exhibition that creates awareness on assistive technology and accessibility.

Training & Workshop

Customized workshops and in-house training programs that aims at building awareness on accessibility, disability and assistive technology products.

Learning @BarrierBreak

Online accessibility training courses in accessibility and assistive technology that are self-paced and for every level of expertise.