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Captions, Audio Description or Sign Language Interpretation to make videos inclusive to all!

How it works

Do you wish to reach out to a vast number of people with videos including people with disabilities and senior citizens? Do you want your videos to be made available to people who have language barriers?

Ensure all news, promotional, educational or entertainment videos are accessible by providing captions, audio description and sign language interpretation

  • Increase viewership by reaching a larger target audience
  • Ensure access to content for people with disabilities and senior citizens
  • Increase search ability of content including news, promotional or educational videos
  • Meet legal requirements of different countries in providing equal access

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Our Accessible Media Services


Problems listening to the dialogues or sounds either due to disability or age? Captions promote inclusion for hearing impaired & senior citizens. In addition, promotes literacy & equal access.

Audio Description

Facing challenges to understand the context of a video? Audio description enhances the experience for people with visual impairment & promotes inclusion and equal access.

Sign Language Interpretation

For deaf people, sign language is their primary language. Build inclusion and equal access by ensuring that videos have sign language interpretation.

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Additional Resources


If you are a screen reader user, click on the link to access the presentation

Understanding Accessible media

Our Customer Speak

"“Making communication accessible to deaf people is analogous to making them hearing. Deafness is a disability only when communication is a barrier. Captions and signs remove that disability. Inclusion of deaf people means inclusion of caption and sign language. Without them, it is exclusion. Full Inclusion=signing +captions.”

Secretary, National Association of the Deaf