Assistive Listening Devices

Amplified sound and clarity to overcome hearing loss.

How it works

Hearing Loss due to age or medical conditions can be a struggle to cope with. Assistive listening devices (ALDs) can improve auditory support by amplifying the sound and increasing the claritys of the sound in difficult and large-area listening situations. Assistive listening devices increase the Speech to Noise ratio of the sound received by the listener.

ALDs can work with earphones or can supplement hearing aids and cochlear implants.

  • Select a listening device to suit hearing needs
  • Enables easy listening and relaxed conversation
  • Ideal for use in classrooms, group gatherings, telephonic conversation, watching television
  • Recommended by leading audiologists across the world

Experience enhanced hearing

Do you have to strain yourself while listening to people around you?

When hearing loss is a challenge, try Assistive Listening Devices!

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Our Range of Assistive Listening Devices

Conversor Pro

Conversor Pro is an affordable assistive listening device consisting of two lightweight components – a microphone/transmitter and a pendant receiver. The microphone/transmitter provides enhanced sound level & clarity up to 50 metres from the user indoors and up to 100 metres outdoors.

Listenor Pro

Listenor Pro is a powerful lightweight microphone with high quality sound transmission and is ideal for watching TV or conversing with others. The Listenor Pro focuses on sounds up to 5 metres away and is designed to blend in easily with a smartphone or iPod.


Reduction in S/N ratio

Conversor Pro provides up to 52db & Listenor Pro up to 40db reduction in the Speech to Noise (S/N) ratio

Continuous hours of use

Conversor Pro is rechargeable for up to 10 hours & Listenor Pro has 2 AAA batteries for 100 hours of continuous use.

Omni Directional

Switch on to the Omni-directional mode while conversing in a group.


2 years standard product warranty.

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Conversor Pro
Listenor Pro

Additional Resources


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Our Customer Speak

"These Assistive Listening Devices have an enhanced sound level and quality for people with a hearing difficulty for use with earphones, headsets or hearing aids. In office I use my assisitive listening aid (the Listenor Pro) making it convenient to listen properly to my team members.
-Pratik Prabhu

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