Techshare India

is a National Conference with International participation. For almost a decade now Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) UK, has been organizing Techshare- Europe’s biggest technology event to promote accessibility and assistive technology for people with disabilities.

In India, BarrierBreak has taken the initiative of organizing Techshare India since 2008 - a conference and exhibition that will bring together the entire ecosystem - the government, the corporates, the NGOs, the disabled, the product companies and the education providers for the first time under one roof.

Joy of Reading at the Library!

Rediscover the joy and comfort of reading with the ClearView One - the low cost desktop video magnifier.

The ClearView One provides easy reading for:

  • Age related sight loss
  • Low vision like glaucoma, cataract, albinism
  • People with diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration

It can be installed in libraries, resource centers or at home.

For school, college, university or public libraries, BarrierBreak is providing a FREE 15 day demo of ClearView One.

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Digital Talking Book

Connect with BarrierBreak to assist you in converting print publications including textbooks into accessible formats such as DAISY or try our products to help you play or create your own Digital Talking Books (DTBook) easily and quickly without needing to understand all the complex technical standards and guidelines.

Abilities Unlimited

For an ‘Abilities Unlimited’ session at your organization where every participant gets an opportunity to explore and experience the potential of various assistive technology products. Abilities Unlimited program aims at bridging barriers to enhance abilities of persons with disabilities. Contact us at:

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