Optical Aids

Ready to use handled magnifiers and glasses for enhanced reading on the go!

How it works

Optical aids such as magnifiers and glasses are designed with integrated lighting and high-quality optics to read or view with magnification for people with low vision.

These ready to use aids are lightweight and thereby assist in simple reading and viewing on the go.

  • Select a device to suit vision needs
  • Designed for years of extensive use
  • Unique design for comfortable viewing
  • Recommended by leading optometrists

Magnification on the go

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Our Range of Optical Aids

PowerMag Handheld Magnifier

PowerMag handled magnifier is a high quality magnifier that offers a magnification from 3.5x and up and light enough to be used wherever you go.

PowerMag Stand Magnifier

PowerMag stand magnifier offers a magnification from 3x and up and is ideal for people with hand tremors as it steadily rests on a page.

PowerTV Glasses

Power TV Glasses provide 2.1X magnification and is perfect for watching television, movies, sporting events or other outdoor activities.

Additional Resources

Using the Optelec Power TV Glasses


If you are a screen reader user, click on the link to access the presentation

Optical Magnifier when there is a need for ready to use Magnifying solution

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