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Break down the barriers of the typical science classroom for the blind or low vision.

How it works

Upgrade your Original LabQuest to a Talking LabQuest by using the Sci-Voice Software to break down the barriers of the typical science classroom for students who are blind or have low vision.

The Sci-Voice Software adds synthesized speech technology to the LabQuest device that enables students who are blind or have low vision to navigate, operate, and collect data independently.

Note: (You will need to have a LabQuest to buy the Sci-Voice Software. You can buy LabQuest from Vernier Software & Technology.)

  • Clear speech synthesis software
  • Improve concept development and a better understanding of the natural world
  • Achieve non-visual access to learning material in STEM
  • Compatible with over 70 Vernier sensors and lab equipment

Break Down the Barriers

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Our Range of Science Software

Sci- Voice Software

With the addition of Sci-Voice Access software to the LabQuest, all navigation and information is announced by speech for a user without vision. Students can hear the announced data in real-time and can then evaluate the data on the accessible data table.

Independent Laboratory Access for the Blind


Use on the go

Handheld, durable, and portable device for field activities or classroom experiments.

Data Readings

Talking, real-time data readings for experiment inclusion and participation.


70 + Sensors for use in virtually any science course.

Talking Periodic Table

Includes on-board interactive, talking periodic table with 20 audible descriptors for each element.

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