POUR Accessibility Design Review

POUR Accessibility Design Review

Invest in POUR Accessibility Design Review to build a concrete foundation towards achieving an accessible product.

BarrierBreak Methodology advocates implementation of POUR methodology at the Design stage itself to avoid retrofitting the product. Introducing accessibility at an early stage ensures that the product meets your accessibility goals and also helps in reducing the cost of the Product Development Lifecycle.

BarrierBreak offer:

  • Identify the target audience
  • Evaluate accessibility requirements
  • Assess how assistive technology interacts with the product design
  • Analysis by accessibility experts
  • Recommendations to enhance the product design

Benefits to you:

  • Product Assessment by Accessibility experts
  • Cost Reduction in product development lifecycle
  • A suggested roadmap for implementation of POUR
  • Identify barriers faced by users including persons with disabilities
  • Assistance to achieve comprehensive accessibility compliance


  • Instructive Step by Step Presentation
  • Informative interaction with an accessibility expert
  • Recommendations on the product design