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An excellent solution for reading and typing in Braille for all the Braille readers.

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Enjoy instant access to your computer or smartphones; browse the internet, read your e-mails or review important documents, all in Braille.

Our range of Braille Displays guarantee a paper like reading experience and give you the flexibility of reading and writing in Braille at home, school or at work.

  • Select a device to suit your needs
  • Small and portable to be used wherever you go
  • Recommended for top quality Braille assistance
  • Get access to computers, smartphones or tablets

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Our Range of Braille Displays

EasyLink 12

The EasyLink 12 offers a display of 12 Braille cells and a keyboard composed of 6 ergonomically-placed Braille input keys for reading and typing in Braille. It is compatible with most screen readers and has an integrated rechargeable battery offering 10 hours continuous use.

ALVA USB 640 Comfort

The ALVA USB 640 Comfort offers 40 Braille cells for reading that instantly converts information from your computer screen into a seamless line of Braille characters. With 40 cursor routing keys positioned below the Braille line and a high speed USB port, it is compatible with most screen readers.

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EasyLink 12

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