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Colorful Keyboard

Clevy Keyboard provides a clever balance between handwriting and keyboard skills for special need students.

Typing with a difference

Struggling to use the keyboard? Introduce adaptive keyboard based on the needs of people with disabilities.

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Why Clevy Keyboard

Typing is the key and often the challenge to teach computers to people with disabilities. Assist your children with vision, learning or motor skill impairment to type using an adaptive keyboard that suits their needs in the classrooms, activity centres, at home or at work.

  • Keyboard to suit the needs.
  • Simply plug the USB connector cord & start using.
  • Unique keyboard layouts for easy typing.
  • Recommended by leading special educators.


Large keys

30% bigger and the characters on them even up to 4 times bigger than those on an average keyboard

Colour coding

The differently coloured keys cleverly represent the different functional areas and make the keyboard fun for children to work with.


The keyboard’s housing is designed to guide possible spilled fluids straight through the keyboard.

Key arrangement

The keys are arranged vertically to improve positioning of the hands and to make the appearance less cluttered.

Key repeat on or off

Key repeat can be switched off with an on-board switch, causing a letter to appear on the screen only once no matter how long a key is pressed.

Solid construction

Clevy keyboards have internal steel frames and each individual key is mounted onto a high-quality.

"The colour coded keys have helped us retain the focus of our students towards typing. It has become easier to teach them with the bigger & bold keys. The Key Repeat off feature is excellent as now we do not have to worry about repetitive taps on the keys."
-Teacher, Reach School