Desktop Magnifiers

Scan, Magnify, Listen & Read printed material at your convenience.

How it works

A portable scan and read tool or a desktop video magnifier to now read your favourite newspaper, magazine, book,or bank statements independently.

Our range of desktop magnifiers not only benefit a large number of people with low vision and learning disabilities but also the elderly in comfortable and relaxed reading.

  • Start reading with the touch of a button
  • Ideal to be used in libraries or reading centers
  • Select a device to suit need & vision
  • Customize to individual requirement

Rediscover the joy of reading

Experience the comfort of reading at the libraries, reading places, resource centres or at home.

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Our Range of Desktop Magnifiers

ClearView C 21.5

High quality modern desktop magnifier with a magnification up to 67.5 times on a 21.5-inch full colour TFT widescreen display and a C-shaped design providing you with more working space.

ClearView C Flex

Stylish High Definition magnifier that offers a magnification up to 75 times on a 24-inch full colour TFT widescreen display and adjustable document viewing modes.


High tech scan and read tool with high quality speech output to read any printed material with a single press of a button with a smart convenient design and includes fast text recognition.


Magnification Levels

Increase or decrease magnification of the ClearView magnifiers for better reading.

Contrast Viewing

Multiple high contrast viewing modes & adjustable brightness in the ClearView.

High Quality Voice

Crystal clear reading voices for enhanced reading in the ClearReader+.


2 year standard warranty for each product.

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ClearView C 21.5
ClearView C Flex