Assistive Technology for the Elderly

Technology for age related challenges.

How it works

With age, people face numerous challenges such as sight loss and hearing loss. Technology can help the elderly with some of these challenges. For example, magnifiers and assistive listening devices can assist them to live and perform day-to-day tasks independently. These devices allow to lead an active and social life, making you more independent and rediscover the joy of freedom.

At BarrierBreak, we help people identify the technology based on their needs and disability. These can improve the lives of elderly or seniors at at home, at the work place or in their social life.

Some of the conditions that can be supported are:

  • Vision loss due to glaucoma, age related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, cataract
  • Hearing loss due to age

Rediscover Independence

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Range of Assistive Technology for the Elderly

Assistive Listening Devices

When hearing aids do not suffice, try assistive listening devices.

Desktop Magnifiers

Scan, Magnify, Listen & Read in the most convenient and stylish manner.

Low vision aids

When glasses no longer suffice, low vision aids can make a difference.

Optical aids

Ready to use handled magnifiers and glasses for enhanced reading on the go!

Screen Reading & Magnification Software

Providing unique 3 way ultimate access solution - Magnification, ScreenReader & Braille.

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Enhanced listening with Conversor Pro
Read on the go with the Compact 7HD

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