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One of the major challenges today is to ensure children with disabilities are also able to participate in various classroom or fun activities as any other child.

A simple device in the classrooms, activity centres or at home can ensure that a child with disability is also able to participate in various activities.

  • Select a device to suit need and activity
  • Strong and portable products to be used anywhere
  • Tested and recommended by special education professionals
  • Ideal for students with visual, learning or speech impairment

Enjoy equal participation

Would you like to ensure that students with disabilities also participate in various activities independently?

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Our Range of Gaming Devices

All-Turn-It Spinner

All-Turn-It Spinner is a switch activated game assistant that allows random selections for choosing groups or playing games of chance like bingo. It includes a dice overlay set & separate instructions for play.

Tactile Cube

The Tactile cube is a 2x2 cube. The cube has been adapted by adding shapes to each of the blocks. So now, you can feel the different shapes like Triangle, Circle, Star, Diamond, Hexagon and Semi-circle.

Adapted Toy

An adapted battery operated toy with only an On/Off button so that a child with limited mobility can play with the toy. The controlling switches come in different colours and sizes to accommodate different motor skills.

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Using the All-Turn-It Spinner
Accessible toy with Big Red switch

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