BarrierBreak website includes some content that is available in non-HTML format. This content might not be visible properly if your browser does not have the required plug-ins.

For example, Acrobat Reader software is required to view Adobe Acrobat PDF files. If you do not have this software installed on your computer, you can download it for free. The following table lists some plug-ins that you will require:

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Support for ARIA

World Wide Web Consortium's (W3c) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) group has introduced the Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA) specification to ensure accessibility of rich internet applications for all users including people with disabilities.

ARIA has been incorporated in BarrierBreak and Techshare India web pages. Landmarks have been added to aid navigation for keyboard and screen reader users. Screen reader users can access these pages with all the popular web browsers that support accessibility.

Today basic ARIA support is available across all the popular web browsers as well as screen readers. On this page, we have added instructions for accessing ARIA landmarks using different screen readers, such as Supernova Access Suite, JAWS and NVDA.

Screen reader users can access the web page landmarks by performing the following steps:

  • Supernova users can navigate between next and previous landmarks by pressing "Semicolon (;)" and "Shift + Semicolon (;)" respectively.
  • JAWS users can navigate to the next and previous landmark on a web page by pressing "Semicolon (;)" or "SHIFT + Semicolon (;)" respectively. Alternatively they can access the list of navigation by pressing "CTRL + INSERT + Semicolon (;)".
  • NVDA users can navigate to the next and previous landmark on a web page by pressing "D" and "SHIFT + D" respectively.

BarrierBreak – Accessibility and Assistive Technology firm in India has always taken all possible efforts to make its website accessible for its visitors. If you have any problem or suggestion regarding the accessibility of this website, please feel free to drop in your valuable suggestions.