Independent Living Products

Make your life easier and independent with different independent living products that are now available starting at as low as Rs. 500/-. We have different range of independent living aids that can assist people with disabilities and elderly.

Our Range of Independent Living Products

Digital Talking Watch with Alarm

Face measuring about 1.5" in diameter with all the setting functions on its front in a neat looking black plastic case that has different shaped buttons for each function and has alarm and hourly announcements.

Digital Talking Watch

A speaker located on the front of the watch for loud and clear voice with attractive face measures approximately 1.5" wide by 1.75" long, this watch has an alarm and hourly announcements.

Talking Calculator English/Spanish

Calculator with clear female voice featuring an alarm, date, and 12/24 hour mode and large bright buttons and display

Calculator Desk Model Large Display

6 x 8 inches calculator with 8 digit LCD readout of .62 inch high numbers for better visibility and are on a module that folds up and down for positioning to the angle that is optimal for each user's needs.

ILA Music Alert (Liquid Indicator)

Alerts you to stop pouring when the liquid reaches 1" or 25 millimeters from the top of the cup with a lovely tune.

Braille Labeler by ila

Portable Braille labeler that can accommodate .4 or .5 inch labeling tape. The upper rim of the dial is Brailled, while the lower rim shows the standard print alphabet. Symbols include small words, contractions and punctuation marks.

Clear Labeling Tape (3pk)

Clear Labeling Vinyl Tape (3pk) ½ inch X 144 inch.