Low Vision Center

A value proposition for eye doctors, opthalmalogists and optometrists.

How it works

Most doctors and surgeons look at eye surgery or glasses to aid a person with low vision. However, a low vision center aims at rehabilitation of people with Low Vision by providing them with the low vision aids that can enable people to live independently.

Help your patients with glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, cataract identify low vision aids that can benefit them in Seeing, Reading and Communicating by setting up a low vision center at your clinic or hospital.

  • Support your patients with low vision beyond surgery
  • Create awareness about various low vision aids
  • Assist your patients to live independently
  • Promote integration of people with low vision in every aspect of life

Setup Low Vision Center

Do you want to give your low vision patients a value added service of low vision aids to live independently?

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Setting up Low Vision Center

Define low vision services

Identify the needs of your patients and based on that decide what type of services to offer.

Low Vision Aids Assessment

Invest and set up low vision aids counter to assess people with low vision

Explore and Experience

Let your patient try the demo pieces before actual buying

Return on Investment

Earn between 200% to 400% return on investment*.

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