Low Vision Aids for Optimal Reading

When glasses no longer suffice, low vision aids can make a difference.

How it works

Low vision aids provide you the magnification and the colour displays that is required for better viewing and have been designed to meet all the reading needs of a person with low vision.

These aids are designed for the benefit of people with low vision due to macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, cataract or old age.

  • Select a low vision aid to suit your need
  • Start reading with the touch of a button
  • Clinically proven to increase reading speed
  • Recommended by leading optometrists

Enjoy READING again

Do you find difficult to identify your medicines, read a price tag or sign a cheque due to low vision?

Try Low Vision Aids!

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Our Range of Low Vision Aids

Compact 4 HD

4.3-inch high definition video magnifier that combines benefits of a hand-held and dome magnifier in a single design.

Compact 5 HD

Magnifier combining a design with pocket-sized dimensions & a 5 inch high definition widescreen display.

Compact 7 HD

7-inch widescreen electronic video magnifier with high definition image quality and extreme simplicity.

Traveller HD

The Traveller HD portable video magnifier with a 13.3-inch full colour TFT widescreen display and continuous zoom: 2.4X – 30X (+-3%) allows you to comfortably read letters, newspapers and other materials anywhere easily.


Magnification Levels

Increase or decrease magnification for better reading.

Contrast Viewing

Multiple high contrast viewing modes & adjustable brightness.

Snapshot Function

Capture images of objects and view clearly.


2 year standard warranty for each product.

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View Videos

Using the Compact 4HD dome magnifier
Magnify using the Compact 5HD magnifier
Read on the go with the Compact 7HD magnifier

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Low vision aids

Our Customer Speak

"These low vision aids have changed my life completely. The Compact Mini came into my life as a boon and the Compact 7 HD has its own added advantages. These devices have given me the independence to read anything, anywhere I wish to, without depending on anyone else.”
-A practising dermatologist