Assistive Technology

Access to assistive technology in the classroom, at work and at home.

Accessibility Solutions

Make your web, mobile, documents, books and videos accessible to all.

What we believe in

BarrierBreak believes that technology can empower people with disabilities and elderly to live independently. With this vision, we create awareness, work towards advocacy, and provide accessibility solutions to assist people with disabilities in using technology.

BarrierBreak has also brought assistive technology to India, working with nonprofit organizations, governments and corporates to create an ecosystem that is conducive to empower persons with disabilities using technology, and work towards bridging the road map for an inclusive society.

Who we are:

  • A social enterprise
  • Believe in abilities of people with disabilities and senior citizens
  • Indian startup that services 9 countries
  • Initiators of Techshare India - pan disability conference and exhibition

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Accessibility Services

Need one time accessibility testing or on-going team support to meet accessibility standards and guidelines like WCAG or Section 508?

BarrierBreak can support you through the development life cycle and provide a cost effective solution.

Are you using videos as a teaching or promotional tool? Do you want to make them available to a larger number of audiences?

Let BarrierBreak assist you in making your videos accessible to all including people with disabilities.

Accessibility is not only about the website but also about documents. Ensure that your printed documents are available in accessible formats.

Connect with us at BarrierBreak to know about Accessible PDFs and EPUB3 solutions.

Assistive Technology Products

Assistive technology for people with blindness, low vision or deaf-blindness.

Assistive technology to support people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Assistive technology for people with mobility and learning impairment.

Assistive technology for the elderly or senior citizens to live independently.