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Assistive Technology Resource Centre to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

How it works

Does your school, college or university have an equal opportunity cell (EOC) or an assistive technology resource centre? An assistive technology resource centre can be the place where people with disabilities can come to for support in the barriers and challenges that they face in their education, employment and even in their day to day activities.

An assistive technology resource centre would help address the reasonable accommodations needs and availability of right assistive technology products to people with disabilities. It can help them in achieving their full potential as individuals in mainstream society.

  • Provide equal access to the resource center and build inclusion and diversity
  • Creating awareness about various assistive technology for people with disability
  • Promoting the need for inclusion in every aspect of life
  • Provide assistive technology for people with visual, learning, hearing and mobility impairement.

Set up Resource Center

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Setting up a Resource Center

Planning a Resource Center

Define the types of disability that the resource center would focus upon - would it cater to a particular disability or multiple disabilities.

Accessible Technology Assessment

Assistance in setting up assessment models to identify assistive technology for people with disabilities.

Training and Awareness

Customized training for the staff about the installation, working and the optimal utilization of the products.

Accessible Conversion

Assistance to ensure provision of accessible documents, accessible videos and accessible website.

Additional Resources

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