Screen Reading and Magnification

Providing unique 3 way ultimate access solution - Magnification, ScreenReader & Braille.

How it works

Launch the Supernova software and enjoy the independence of working with the computers effectively irrespective being a person with low vision, fluctuating vision or blindness.

Enjoy the flexibility of having an option to choose from the combination of magnification, speech and Braille features and switch editions without having to start over.

  • Download a 30 day FREE demo
  • Indian English accent & Hindi language support
  • Available in 3 editions
  • Select a product as per vision needs

Magnify, Listen or use Braille

Problem using computers effectively at your workplace or classrooms due to visual impairment? Straining your eyes while working on computer for long hours?

Try Dolphin Supernova!

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Our Range of ScreenReading and Magnification Software

Dolphin ScreenReader

Full screen reader with robust refreshable Braille and Dolphin Cursor. Launch the Screen Reader and all text and controls are spoken and Brailled.

Supernova Magnifier

SuperNova Magnifier offers the ideal solution providing magnification up to 60 times and 7 magnifier views from the point of login to log out, so as to enable clear detailing right from the start up.

Supernova Magnifier & Screen Reader

Ultimate access software, that aids the vision impaired, from low vision to the blind, to use the computer to read or write documents, shop online or access emails using Magnification, Speech & Braille.

SuperNova Magnifier & Speech

Dolphin SuperNova Magnifier & Speech offers you all the benefits that are provided by a screen magnifier with an added advantage of supporting output to speech that can read documents and talk as you type.


Magnification Levels

Magnification from 2x to 60x with 8 magnifier views & 24 preset colour schemes.

Braille Support

Supports physical, logical braille & a range of serial, USB & bluetooth braille displays.

High Quality Speech

Crystal clear voice with the option to adjust voice, speed & volume.


Change SuperNova's hotkey settings to match your keyboard & change settings on the fly.

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If you are a screen reader user, click on the link to access the presentation

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Our Customer Speak

"Supernova has given me independence to access computers whenever I need without being dependent on anyone else. I would thank BarrierBreak for the product & support, Govt of Maharashtra for passing resolution in compliance of Mumbai High Court orders to provide sufficient working aids and Mahanand which has provided assistance.
-Dr. Ravindra Naik