Technology Software Donation Program

BarrierBreak & Dolphin Computer Access launches Technology Software Donation Program, providing software donations to non-profits that are focusing on skill building & employability for people with low vision to create an inclusive work force.

In India, as per WHO, there are an estimated 54 million people with low vision in India.

As a part of our study on assistive technology for people with low vision, we have realized that often the complexities of employment for people with low vision are not as evident as they are for those who are blind. Students with low vision are being able to see and easily use the computer but have expressed their challenges in gaining employment.

Low vision is not the same as being blind.

Low Vision doesn't mean that you are "blind"- On the contrary it means that a person has a reduced level of vision that cannot be fully corrected with conventional glasses. We believe, technology is an enabler and can assist people with low vision gain employment.


The Technology Software Donation Program will ensure that non-profits have access to the best low vision access solution to accomplish their work independently and efficiently and be gainfully employed. We hope that this will support the National Action Plan launched by Department of Persons with Disabilities, in collaboration with NSDC, which has an ambitious target of skilling 5 lakh persons with disability in 3 years.

The companies have committed to donate INR 4 million in software in the first year of the program.

Through this program, BarrierBreak & Dolphin will offer qualifying nonprofits licenses of its screen magnifier and speech solution: Supernova Magnifier & Speech.

Why Supernova Magnifier & Speech?

  • Crystal clear screen magnification up to 64 times.
  • High contrast colour schemes and mouse pointers.
  • Scan & read (OCR) your paper documents.
  • Choose from a selection of human sounding voices.
  • Supports Indian English (Veena) & Hindi (Lekha).
  • Sit back and listen as your web pages, apps, documents & emails are read to you.
  • The best touchscreen magnification and speech for Windows.
  • Supports Windows 7, 8.1 & 10, tablet, laptop and desktop computers.

What do you get from the donation?

  • License of Supernova Magnifier & Speech.
  • Online Support to train the trainer.

Where to apply?

If you are an NGO training students with low vision and providing them employment, to be considered for a donation

Apply Now

  • NGOs who receive the donation must be willing and able to provide information for the purpose of creating a case study or testimonial on this program.
  • Applications furnished without complete information is liable to be rejected.
  • It may be noted that this application for donation is sent to seek information to consider your interest and it should not be construed as an offer or an obligation on the part of BarrierBreak or Dolphin Computer Access to contribute to your NGO.
  • The management reserves its right to grant or to reject the application for donation without assigning any reason.